I’m best when I’m with my family, engaged in a project or working in the back yard. I’m not my best when I’m looking for work (although I put on the good face) or paying bills (I can sulk with the best). What makes it all worth while are my children. They do make you feel young a times. Especially when they’re silly and you attempt, no matter how feeble, to join in. It can elevate your mood and make you forget you’ve work to do. So the aphorism, “children keep you young” may have some truth in it (or at least keep what little time you have left bearable). But this morning that aphorism was toothless. My back hurt and the mirror image of my face depicted the rather unflattering (but dignified) wrinkles of time.

It’s late fall here in New England. The tree’s have given up the last of their leaves and it’s time to finish raking and blowing the summer away. What fun! I’ve been officially unemployed for the past 17 months (although I’ve had a few contract projects). But what amazes me about be unemployed is how quickly the days fly and the weeks into months. I thought the reverse would be true: long days and endless nights. But there never seems to be enough time to finish anything before I have to pick up the girls, or shop for dinner. Is there a scientific term for the apparent shortening of the day. Are there any time studies that can verify this phenomenon? Does it have anything to do with quarks or bosons? No matter, I’m learning to live with it.

Almost Winter:
The first, meager snow, has presented itself. But its been so cold, those 2 inches survive even the sharpest sun. We are all looking forward to Festivus (Christmas to the rest of the family). I’ve just about wrapped up this years on-line, in-line shopping. There’s no getting around the trip to the mall with family. We have two new family members that need to be introduced (inoculated) to the Christmas spirit. They’ll truly understand once they get there first credit card. Why pay once when you can pay for many years. Merry Christmas all.

Winter arrived: ‘nough said.

Almost Spring:
I looked out the window this morning and noticed a tree had fallen in the woods in front of the house. It looked like it died of natural causes and came down during one of the many storms we’ve had this winter. In any event it’s almost March and am looking forward to the spring thaw, followed by a smile.

Spring is here, the trees are in bloom. It’s good to be here.

I like to tell my girls that they get out of school in the summer and go back to school in the summer. They are not buying this, although technically true. Well it’s now the end of June with the 4th of July in sight. I have a soft spot for June. Most of it is that it’s “technically” not summer, but the longest daylight day is within its borders. I heard that some people call the summer solstice “mid-summer”. I like that idea. Spring is next to summer, but summer is bumped up agains fall. Nothing wrong with fall except it’s bumped up against winter and those long dark days of late November never seem to cheer me up no matter if it’s “technically” still fall.

My job has ended. A little earlier than I anticipated. Out looking for more work, but in the mean time its given me a chance to work on the Twain documentary. We have two French girls staying with us for the next three week. Part of a cultural program we’ve been involved with over the last few years.

May 2012:
I’m beginning a new phase in the development of the Twain documentary. It’s been a long year of looking for work, finding some and moving on again.

June 10, 2012
I’m in the process of looking for a non-profit organization to act as my fiscal sponsor. This will allow individuals to contribute and use this contribution as a charitable gift.

April 10, 2014
Twain died on April 21, 1910. He had arrived back from Bermuda on April 14. He was a very sick man. As I look out the window from my Redding home, the trees have not begun to bud. It will be a late spring after a very cold winter.

May 13, 2015
Tough winter is finally over. Warm days ahead!



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