Moving Forward with Twain

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  1. David R. Benz says:

    Today is March 14, 2016 I live in Gig Harbor WA on Puget Sound, South of Seattle.
    I tonight stumbled upon this wonderful rendition of articles and photos about Mark Twain, by James Nicoloro, of Redding CT. I first met James in 1967, the Boston Sox won the pennant, I sat with him in his room listening to the game. I still remember where James grew up, 3 Ivy Circle, Boston. Why I remember this is a mystery but his address left an impression me, I suppose of James! I drove round trip once with James from Pittsburgh ( my hometown) to Bozeman, and back. I was a student with James at Montana State, during the height of the Vietnam War, I was in ROTC. I was on the Montana State Ski Team and I remember well James first attempt at elementary photography taking photos at Bridger Bowl Ski Slopes of me racing down the mountain, and I still have a few of his first photos. James has become an extremely competent photographer, writer, and film producer of documentaries. Although we spoke via email a few years ago, we have not seen each other since 1968. I enjoy reminiscing about the past about my experiences with James, and especially reading James very interesting history of Mark Twain. Not sure if James will ever read this comment, but if you do James, just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your good work!
    David R. Benz

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