The Prince and The Pauper theatrical premier

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On August 3, 1909 “The Prince and The Pauper” had it’s theatrical premier. It had been released to the public complete with a brief cameo by it’s author, Mark Twain. Most films at this time had a very limited run, maybe one or two days in any one theater. Twain is said to have seen the film and his brief roll in it (a walk around his home Stormfield -Redding Connecticut- and tea with his daughters). This may have been the worlds first trailer! It was however one of the first productions to use a work that was adapted for the screen. This is the only known footage of Twain. Had he lived another few years we would have seen more of him on the big screen, he loved being the center of attention. He was said to have made audio recordings using Edison’s wax cylinders. It was thought he experimented with dictation as a way of writing his autobiography. He loved technology. None of the wax cylinders have ever been found. (See July 8th post for background)

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