Stormfield pump house (rough edit 2, no narration)

There are four structures on the downslope of Stormfield. Two of the structures are original. The other two were constructed when the house was rebuilt in 1923 or when electricity was available in this area of Redding. There is an old electric pump in one of the structures. I believe the power for sending water to the house before electricity was facilitated by a ram pump. The first building contained the catch basin (cistern). The water came from a spring in the side of the hill. As you can hear, it’s still providing water to the catch basin; now for over a hundred years. The second stone and brick structure is set into the hill about 17 feet below the basin. This was most likely where the ram pump would be located. Ram pumps used gravity to force the water up hill. The source needs to be placed up sloap from the pump. A ram pump had the ability to pump water up a hill without the use of electricity. More on this later.

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