The Redding Mark Twain segment rough

The video segment below is a rough edit of the first three scenes. No narration so it’s a bit hard to follow. The music up front and interior is temp and is only there to evoke a feeling at the moment.

The first segment is a stirred pot of Redding images shot during the past year and a half. Twain’s view from the top of his hill was unobstructed. The Redding vistas that he knew are now behind a 100 year old wall of trees. But there is much he would recognize. Many of the shots in the opening segment resurface as the story unwinds.

Second: Twain Death…wanted it up front to set up what follows. Twain dies as the sun sets.

Third: Twain moves to Redding. It will chronicle that first day. You can see what he wore that first day in Redding. And yes he took the same train that I took for many years commuting in an out of the city.

Fourth: Albert Bigelow Pain, his biographer. He moved there before he became close to Twain and convinced him to buy land in Redding. Pain lived in Redding with his wife and three daughters.

There is little or no music although the front segment has a repetitive beat to drive the scene along.

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