Updated Outline


Redding overture 2-3 minutes
A. images with music to include train…:
1- Twain’s death. Train to new York
Bring his corpse to new York, then bring him back alive on the 4pm train
2- June 18, 1908: morning to arrival
The walk to Paine’s farmhouse allows me to introduce Paine as a major character.
3- AB Paine (farmhouse)
4- That first summer (first guests and angelfish)
B- a brief history Redding history
5- The land and walks
6- Isabel (to Ashcroft). Susan portrait of isabel
begin w/back history
7- Summer to Christmas
8- Death of Jean, winter
9-last trip to Bermuda and we are back to the begging
10- Probate
11- Dinner

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