1-Twain’s Death

What follows are notes not in any particular order. I’ll use this info (plus additional research) to write and structure the scene.

    1-Twain’s Death

Begin the scene in color and gradually desaturate. His death will occur as the sun hangs along the horizon. The words should minimally build to the conclusion. Write it big and then take it down. Keep the scene short.

According to his biographer ABP…
-Twain is brought home from Bermuda
-A photo of him arriving in New York
-He traveled on that right of way (we can see the train)
-He arrived at stormfield.
-What was left of his family surrounded him at the time of his death.
-He died as the sun hung low upon the horizon.

Before he left Bermuda Twain had some advice for his biographer concerning how to negotiate the Pearly Gates. The place where St Peter stands guard.

-Upon arrival do not speak to St. Peter until spoken to. It’s not your place to begin.
-Don’t try to Kodak him. Hell is full of people who have made that mistake.
-Don’t ask him what time the 4:30 train goes; there aren’t any trains in heaven, except through trains, and the less information you get about them the better for you.
-Leave your dog outside. Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.

This scene follows the Redding open. Fade up from black.

Since we have not introduced any of the characters a subtle reference to Paine as his biographer Albert Bigelow Paine may work.

We bring Twain home from Bermuda, sick and near death. Paine was worried enough to make the trip to Bermuda and bring him home. Maybe all this is going on as we travel on the train to Redding.

He had been staying with the Allens the friends he had meet last fall.

We get him off the boast and bring him back to Redding.
He catches the same train to Redding that he traveled on that first day 22 months before. Like that day a carriage was waiting for him at the station. It was driven by H A Launsberry.

Twain looses consciousness midday and when the sun hovered on the horizon he passed.
No mention of the comet.

Series of shots of early spring with touches of green.

This scene should be a little in your head. No real detail yet. Of all the scenes this should be the most ethereal. Place him in Bermuda then move him back to Connecticut to die.

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