A.B. Paine’s farm house

A few thoughts…still working it out.
Before Stormfield there was Albert Bieglow Paine’s farmhouse in the country. On August 1, 1905 Paine buys his country home in Redding for nine-hundred dollars (in today’s money about $17,000, still a bargain). The property consisted of two tracks of land, the main house, barn, shop and other buildings, 31 acres in all. The property was purchased from Edith and Harry Lounsbury and Grace W Boughton. It was Harry Lounsbury who showed the property to Paine. Lounsbury later plays an instrumental roll in the maintenance of Stormfield and is one of the witnesses to Mark Twain’s will. I think Paine’s book on Thomas Nast, the editorial cartoonist (Thomas Nast, His Period and His Pictures, published in 1904), provided the money for his move to Redding. The Nast book was also the wedge that allowed Paine the opening he needed to become Twain’s biographer. So without the Nast book, there may be no Redding Mark Twain.

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