The Paine Farm….Dwellers in Arcady

"But then all at once we were pulling up abreast of two massive maple-trees and some stone steps. 'And here is your house', said william C. Westbury.".

Albert Bigelow Paine and his family moved to Redding sometime during the late summer, early fall of 1905. In 1919 he published a little book called “Dwellers in Arcady”: the story of an abandoned farm. This is the somewhat fictionalized account of the 12 years the Paine family lived in Redding. Not surprisingly there is no mention of Twain. This short book is set in the fictional Connecticut town Brook Ridge. But there is no doubt that this is the place the Paine family called home. As you may know Paine and his wife Dora are buried in Umpawaug Cemetery, less than a mile east of the farm they loved.

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