The walking Twain

It’s early on a Saturday morning and I’m sitting at the kitchen table. I’m waiting for one of my daughters to make me an egg sandwich. She’s learning how to cook and I get asked if I want an egg a few times a day. As I was waiting for the egg to arrive I was thinking about how I missed walking the hills around Stormfield. This year’s snow has made this all but impossible. Maybe snow shoes next year. It was the physical Mark Twain that attracted me. I might have called the project the “Walking Mark Twain”. When he wasn’t playing pool with Pain, I believe he enjoyed Stromfield the most when he was walking his property, taking hikes or riding through the Redding Glenn in his carriage, especially during the summer of 1908. Redding, for the most part, has preserved the Redding of Twain’s day by protecting the land and acquiring open space. Not out of respect for Twain exactly, but to safe guard the towns rural quality. We should all be thankful. “Would you like another egg”, asked my daughter.

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