First Storm of the Winter

On the morning of December 24, 1909, Samuel Clemens’ 29 year old daughter Jean died. The cause of death was most likely heart failure during a seizure. She suffered from epilepsy. Her body was taken to Elmira, New York for burial next to her mother Olivia, her sister Suzy and her infant brother Langdon. When her body left stormfield, late on the afternoon of December 25th, it began to snow. Clemens watched as the hearse moved slowly down his country road: “From my window I saw the hearse and carriages wind along the road and gradually grow vague and spectral in the falling snow, and presently disappear. Jean was gone out of my life, and would not come back any more”.

There’s a storm raging outside my window. I can hear and feel the wind buffeting the house, up to 50 miles an hour, according to the experts. This is a still from some of the footage I shot early in the afternoon. It had been snowing about an hour. It was very peaceful, but cold. It’s a little after eleven pm now and there’s at least a foot of snow out there. I expect another 6 to 8 inches by morning. It’s a true New England nor’-easter working its way up the coast. Looking forward to playing in the snow with the family.


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