Program Outline 1A – Updated Dec 10, 2010

I’ve begun to order my thoughts. It’s linear. Very unlike Twain’s recently published autobiography. The outline is my script. I’ve already begun to shoot “B roll” based on my original concept. But the outline is where I begin to construct the fabric of each chapter. As you can see I’ve a lot of chapters to research. That said, the outline will undergo many changes as I construct the story of Twain’s final two years. I also plan to interview people who own pieces of Twain’s property today. They are part of Redding as was Twain. They have much to add to my story of the Redding Mark Twain. (I will be updating this list from time to time and it will appear in future blogs).

*First Introduction
Twain’s family
21 Fifth to Grand central
Grand central to Redding
Redding to Stormfield
Welcome to Redding
Dan Beard and friends
Who is Albert Paine/autobiography
Isabel Lyon (quick history to June 1908)
Stormfield: the house and grounds (Howells-Architect-NewYork/Sunderland-Builder-Danbury)
That first summer (the angelfish)
This train stops in Redding on its way to the Berkshire’s
The Guests 1908
The Burglary September 18, 1908
“Innocence” becomes “Stormfield”
The Pubic Library
*Second Introduction
Jean Clemens
Clara Clemens
Close Friends
Managing the house
The Lobster pot
The walks (various)
William Dean Howells (Stormfield)
Elephant Christmas 1908
The Guests 1909
Hellen Keller January
Jean arrives (April 1909)
Isabel and Ashcroft
HH Rogers
Isabel dismissed April 15 1909
Jean returns April 26 1909
Death of Henry Rogers May 19 1909
Edison Film
Paine moves into Stormfield
Markland (today)
Lobster pot (today)
October wedding
Jean’s death
Final entry in the autobiography
The End of a writer’s life
Last journey to New York
The estate and probate
Twain’s biographer’s
Isabel Lyon
Clara and her daughter
The Mark Twain Library
Redding 100 or so years later/Mark Twain Lane dinner

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