Albert Bigelow Paine, Twain’s biographer – Umpawaug Cemetery, Redding CT

Albert Bigelow Paine July 10, 1861 - April 9, 1937 Umpawaug Cemetery - Redding, Connecticut

The inscription across the bottom of the stone is from a poem written by Paine and published in Harper’s Magazine, October 1909. It’s called “The Hills of Rest”. The published second line originally read: “I’ll follow day into the west;”.

    Some evening when the sky is gold
    I’ll wander down into the west;
    Nor pause, nor heed, till I behold
    The happy, happy Hills of Rest.

    Dora, his wife, died the following year. She’s buried next to him. Her inscription is from the same poem.

    Beyond the last horizon’s rim,
    Beyond Adventure’s farthest quest,
    Somewhere they rise, serene and dim,
    The happy, happy Hills of Rest.

    The poem, “The Hills of Rest, is short, only five verse’s. Dora’s inscription is from the first stanza, and Albert’s the last.

    Umpawaug cemetery is on a hillside and the Paine’s are buried at the top. The family plot also includes one of Paine’s daughter’s, Louise, and other relatives. The cemetery (their happy, happy hill of rest) is about two-third’s of a mile north of Paine’s original Redding home.

    (To be continued/edited)

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